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The Paper PC is a timely tech and consumer electronics newsletter by veteran tech journalist Robert S. Anthony

His previous hats include stints as senior writer at PC Magazine, copy editor at the New York Daily News and newspaper reporter at the old Milwaukee Sentinel. You’ll find his byline in many other publications, including The Network Journal, Black Enterprise, amNewYork and PCWorld.

He also has 1.1 million Pinterest followers, which makes him one of the top 250 Pinterest pinners in the world—more than the NHL and the Chicago Cubs.

The Paper PC was the was the name of Anthony’s former syndicated weekly computer column, which ran in newspapers in Florida, New York, New Jersey and Michigan. The Paper PC evolved into a blog and now finds new life here on Substack as a newsletter. Welcome.

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Tech and consumer electronics features by noted tech journalist Robert S. Anthony. @newyorkbob


Noted tech and travel journalist.